A Security Staff Should Bring Value. Does Yours?

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A Security Staff
Should Bring Value.
Does Yours?

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Black Knight Security Guard ServicesPreparedness is Key

At Black Knight Security (BKS), we believe that preparedness is the key to truly making persons and property secure. That’s why we prepare our clients for the unexpected by equipping them with the necessary tools for an effective safety and security program.

BKS provides a wide range of safety and security services including security guards and security consulting in Illinois (Chicago), Ohio (Cleveland and Columbus), and Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and the Poconos Region). Don't wait for an emergency to catch you unprepared – take a proactive approach and arm yourself with Black Knight Security.

Black Knight Security was named a Top Guarding Firm for 2015 in Security Magazine's 13th Annual Top Guarding Firms Listing. Founded in 2003, our fast-growing company's focus on delivering the highest quality guarding services ranks us among companies over 50 years old with multi-billion dollar revenues.
Professional Security Guards Officers


Professional, well-trained Security Guards.

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Event Security Services


Let us provide CPR training for your employees.

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Security Consulting Services


Let us evaluate your current level of security.

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Emergency Action Planning


Keep employees, tenants and visitors safe.

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